Popular folk

Mighty Good Road's first LP, released April 14, 2020.
A black vinyl edition of the album was released in August 2020. 

1. We Built This City
2. Wall Street Would
3. Electric Avenue
4. In Too Deep
5. Electioneering
6. Toe That Party Line

7. Welcome To The Jungle
8. Reasonable Fear
9. Pastures Of Plenty
10. Trickle Down
11. Royals 
12. Hey Just Maybe

Twelve tracks of folk and protest music as found in pop music, including covers of Starship, Eddy Grant, Radiohead, Guns 'N Roses, Lorde, plus an arrangement of Woody Guthrie's Pastures Of Plenty to draw a contiuum through these songs. Paired with six original songs, these stories align to paint a picture of human struggle across decades.

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